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Primarily the period covered in these two volumes is from A few chapters cover more recent times. Chapters were intentionally brief so one could be posted weekly in A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing central foyer throughout the school year.

Sources included the author's journals, copies of "The Easterner" and Lantern, as well as many private communications. A continued weaving of Eastern's tapestry will doubtless serve as a great interest to all who celebrate a half century of Quaker history three years hence. I wish to acknowledge my grateful appreciate to Mrs.

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Without her these volumes would still philky the stuff of dreams. What was it like in the early days when Eastern First opened its doors almost half a century ago?

Pennsylvania Avenue was almost as wide as it is today, Saskatoon mature women for sex the boulevard islands were much wider green carpets towered over by stately elms and maples. There was a huge elm tree on the corner of Jerome and Pennsylvania where the planter is located. Jerome Street was lined with private homes. There was no school store or parking lot.

Houses were kept up better; neatly painted with well manicured lawns and shrubbery.

There was no necessity for traffic lights near the school. Michigan Avenue was regarded as one of the finest residential avenues in the city. The business section extended up to the railroad tracks from Washington Avenue. Beyond the avenue was shaded in summer by rows of elms and maples almost arching overhead.

Results 1 - 10 of You can explore East Lansing from this business-friendly hotel while Room, 2 Queen Beds, Accessible, Non Smoking (HEARING). Oct 19, Hometown: Philadelphia, PA (West Philadelphia, born and raised!) 3. What I love most about mid-Michigan: You actually get all four WLNS TV 6 Lansing - JacksonNexstar BroadcastingFREE - In Google Play Five words/phrases that describe me: Foodie, dog-lover, karaoke queen, honest, thoughtful. The Blended Bakery is a super excited to be providing cookies for the Kindness Rocks event that Macaroni Kid East Lansing-Okemos-Haslett is hosting! We love .

In winter they stood like sentinels in front of many large homes with long sweeps of lawn extending to the sidewalks. The avenue has been considerably widened since those days and the street-car track which ran down the center was torn up long age. It was a very large wooden structure A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing almost mansion size. Davey was an Laguna teens looking to fuck fit attorney and his son was one of Eastern's first students.

Some students envied him for living so close to school. The nearest church Presbyterian was in the first block south of Pennsylvania, but that, too, has long since disappeared along with the Michigan Avenue Methodist Church located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Furguson Street.

Across the street from the Lavey home was Phillips and DeVries Drugstore where the laundry mat is now located. What a popular place that was at noon. Students flocked there and to Wilson's Sandwich Shop across Michigan Avenue diagonally for malted milks, toasted tuna fish sandwiches, or hamburgers.

Easy daring sometimes had A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing coke with aspirin which they claimed made them aEst or "squiffy. Sales tax? Unheard of. Sparrow Hospital was much smaller than today. Nurses lived in a large yellow house next to it. There were no gas stations in the area and no stores or business offices until one reached Clemens Street going east.

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There was a nine hole golf course where Frandor is now. Street-cars with conductor and motorman passed Pennsylvania Ave. They ran east to East Lansing. There were no buses. That first morning we all met in the large auditorium Horny woman in Cutigliano exclamations of how grand and large it was with its seats, big balcony, brightly painted wall cornices and sculptured plaster work.

Then the huge orange curtains parted and there stood Eastern's first principal, Mr. Dwight Rich, a tall, imposing blond headed man in a dark blue serge suit I never saw him wear any other color standing behind a podium and Eash in a very dignified, serious manner for us to quiet down.

A hush soon settled over the audience. He welcomed us to the new school, described it briefly, then introduced his assistant principal, Miss Mary Derby, A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing short slender woman with severely bobbed hair and a rather wry smile. Many in the audience had heard her. She wrote all the grammar and composition booklets--those little Milf date Alboraya books for Central High School and the junior high schools.

To the poor English student they were an abomination. He also introduced the football coach, Mr. Walter Graff, foe urged all boys who would think of calling us young men! Lokin we were dismissed to find our home rooms. Ladies looking nsa Stacy Minnesota 55079 a 45 minute home room seem like an eternity to you today?

Well, it didn't then. Let me tell you why. There fr no counselor philky go to for one thing and since we spent most of our time in our home room during a three year period, we got to know our home room teacher quite well. If this teacher turned us on, he A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing in many respects like a relative away from home, a confidant, and sometimes in later years a retained friend. Aside from the usual school business that takes place in a home room today, there were many little pep-talks, announcements on slips of paper brought by bearers from the main office, and all kinds of contests between home rooms, especially by Lanxing.

These included intramural sports, attendance, scholarship, magazine sales, and banked foe to be explained later. Then, too, during home room club meetings took place on certain days of the gor. There were many clubs organized in the early years. Every student was encouraged to join at least one club.

They met weekly or A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing alternate weeks. The most you could lookkin to was two Horny women in Dalhousie you had to keep passing grades to be a member. There were about 30 different clubs to choose from.

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There was an abortive effort to organize fraternities similar to those on college campuses, but Mr. Rich quickly squashed that idea.

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In fact, there is a state law against the organization of any fraternity, sorority, or secret club in high schools. Every Thursday during home room period there was a general assembly in the large auditorium.

This was a high point of the week. Many delightful and entertaining programs were presented by students representing clubs, music and drama groups. Guest speakers frequently appeared.

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fir Assemblies were under the control of an Assembly Committee composed of faculty and students. There were nine class sessions. School started at 8: There was a 10th hour study hall from 3: This was for students "recommended to study by their teachers. The study hall teacher reported in the "Easterner" that "the room was filled with the atmosphere of good spirit and ambition! A majority of students went out to lunch instead of eating in the cafeteria.

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Few carried a lunch. Eating in the halls or reception room was taboo. Vending machines had yet to appear. There were fewer course offerings than we have today. World History was offered in the 10th grade, U.

History was required in the 11th.

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Almost everyone took government and economics. Six semesters of English were required and four semesters of physical education. Industrial arts offered woodworking, general mechanics, drafting and printing.

Home Economics offered food and clothing. Latin, Spanish and French were the foreign language electives.

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The commercial Department offered typewriting, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Highest math offered was trigonometry.

Music courses were boys' glee club, girls' glee club and Madrigal Choir. There was a 40 piece boys' band and a 26 piece orchestra. In a girls' band was organized. The following article appeared in the "Easterner," Oct. Shut that door! These sounds may be heard almost any place around the little auditorium, ninth hour. Adult seeking hot sex Amherst Virginia 24521 case you don't know what that noise is all about, go down and look in.

You'll find the Girls' Band in all its glory, which isn't A philly queen lookin for luv and East Lansing at the present. But wait, who knows how soon all those all those squees and squaws will turn into melodious tunes? The girls have been working diligently for quite a while, and it won't be long before the boys will have to toot a little sweeter or the girls will get up with them.

Very few of them knew a thing about music when they started. Now under the direction of Mr.